UK will offer the EU a temporary customs Union after Brexit

UK will offer the EU a temporary customs Union after Brexit

Moscow. 15 Aug. INTERFAX.RU — Britain will offer to the European Union “interim customs Union” on the transition period after Brexit, said in a document outlining the government’s position, which will be officially released Tuesday.

The countries of the customs Union do not levy import and export duties of suppliers of goods and services on the territory of all countries of the Union, said “bi-Bi-si”. They also equalize the tariffs on goods and services imported from outside the Union or exported beyond it.

At the weekend in a joint article Finance Minister Philip Hammond and Minister for trade Liam Fox (they are considered opposites in the question of how far should go the process of withdrawal of Britain from the European Union institutions) reported that the country ultimately leaves the EU customs Union.

However, in the new document the government said that the UK will be offered from March 2019 when completing negotiations on Brexit, set “temporary customs Union”.

Through this Union, EU trade will continue on the same terms, but London will be able to begin trade negotiations with countries outside the EU, for now, remaining a member of the EU, he has no right.

At the end of the period of the temporary customs Union by mutual agreement or will be installed, a new customs border with the EU (in this case in the British government stress the desire for the maximum simplification of cargo clearance), or between the parties concluded a new agreement even without the customs border.

So say in the government business after Brexit will have to adapt to the new conditions only once.