The mayor of Yaroslavl has ordered to erase the crosswalk in the old Russian style

The mayor of Yaroslavl has ordered to remove the red-and-white crosswalk, according to

“Our staff visited the site to check whether marking standards. City hall had issued an order to remove this pedestrian crossing”, — said the chief of city Department of traffic organization of traffic police Alexander Koshelev.

It is noted that according to GOST markings should be white. Other colors are permissible to use in coordination with the Federal service of the traffic police.

Unusual Zebra appeared on the area of Volkova July 13. White letters, stylized old Russian style, on a red background wrote the word “Yaroslavl”. It was expected that the figure will be far away to attract the attention of drivers and remind them of their need to reduce speed near a pedestrian crossing.

In September 2016 the Moscow zoo to the pedestrian crossing paint the front and back of the torso of a Zebra, reported TASS. In traffic police noted that the image of the animal not only embellishes the road, but it should help children remember how to cross the road.