The head of the DPRK promised not to hurry with the missile attack on the United States

The head of the DPRK promised not to hurry with the missile attack on the United States

DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN in the course of communication with representatives of the missile troops said he was willing to wait with the attack on the island of GUAM, while the Americans will not change their behavior.

As reported by North Korean edition of KCNA, Kim Jong-UN on August 14 met with the leadership of the missile forces of the country. During the conversation, the military reported readiness to strike at the side of the American island of GUAM upon receipt of appropriate order from the Central Committee of the Communist party of the DPRK. Kim Jong UN praised the military and said that “the us imperialists have already tied the noose around his neck because of his confrontational racket”.

However, he indicated that he is willing to wait until the US will weigh all “for” and “against” and come to the decision that will facilitate their “horrible fate”.

According to Kim Jong-UN, Americans should recognize the necessity of ending the provocations against the DPRK and the rejection of such attempts in the future.

As noted by the head of the DPRK, the USA test the patience of North Korea. In his opinion, they need to think rationally. While Kim Jong-UN noted that the missile must always obey the orders of the party and, if necessary, “to block the breath of the Yankees”.

Pentagon chief James Mattis said that any missile launch towards the United States will mean the beginning of the war. In his words, “Americans very quickly answer such actions of North Korea”.

Last week there were reports that the DPRK military has prepared a plan for rocket strike on us base in GUAM to the South-East of the Philippines. Later Pyongyang said that in case of further escalation of the conflict on the Korean Peninsula North Korea’s missile forces are ready to release the Hwasong missiles that will fall in 40 miles off the coast of GUAM.