China has threatened to respond to possible trade restrictions from the United States

Chinese authorities will not leave without a response to the unilateral US measures that Washington can take under the pretext of protecting American intellectual property. On Tuesday, August 15, citing China’s Ministry of Commerce reports TASS.

Beijing hoped that the United States will take the position of China with respect, but expressed willingness to accept “measures of a similar nature” in response to “American contempt for multilateral trade rules”.

Earlier Monday, U.S. President Donald trump instructed the trade representative Robert Leitheiser to study possible violations by China of intellectual property rights of U.S. companies. The American leader also said that Washington is ready to tighten the rules to ensure fair trade.

Information about a possible U.S. case against China on charges of violation of the rights of U.S. intellectual property and technology transfer appeared on August 11. It was stated that trump uses article 301 of the trade Act of 1974 that allows the United States to impose unilateral barriers to export products into the country. It was noted that the initiation of an investigation does not entail immediate use of sanctions restrictions in relation to Beijing. However, it is accepted that in the future duty on the import of Chinese goods in the United States will be increased.

July 31, Politico reported early development advisors trump restrictive measures against China. Measures may relate to the sphere of trade. The owner of the White house in favour of the introduction of quotas or tariffs on steel imports from China.

29 Jul Donald trump wrote in his Twitter that he is “very disappointed” by the omission of China in dealing with the problem of North Korea. “Our previous foolish leaders allowed the Beijing annually earn hundreds of billions of dollars in trade, and while China did nothing for us in the issue with North Korea, just talk,” said he. According to the American leader, China “can easily solve the problem” of North Korea.