Became a well-known character of the Tom cruise injury

Tom Cruise

The injury received by American actor, Tom cruise is trying to perform a stunt on the set of the sixth part of the movie “Mission: impossible” in London, was serious, he had broken the two bones of the ankle joint. On Monday, August 14, the newspaper the Sun.

It is noted that this filming will have to be postponed for four months.

Earlier on Monday, in a network there was video of the incident. The video published on the YouTube channel Guardian Wires.

About the injury of actor Aug 13, reported TMZ. 55-year-old actor, who prefers not to use the services of a stuntman and perform stunts on the set, the script had to jump from the scaffolding to the roof of the neighboring house, but did not reach, and “pretty much” hit the wall of the building. He managed to climb to the roof via a safety cable. Later he was taken away from the set.

“Mission: impossible 6” Director Christopher Mcquarrie was supposed to be out in cinemas on 26 July 2018.