Andrey Malakhov has not appeared on the air new release “Let them talk”

Andrey Malakhov has not appeared on the air new release “Let them talk”

TV presenter Andrey Malakhov, the rumors about the possible resignation with “First channel” discussed the last two weeks, did not appear in the new issue of “Let them talk”, broadcast to the far East, reports TASS.

Earlier, representatives of the TV channel reported that the name of the new host will call in the evening edition of the transfer on August 14. The day before, August 13, “the First channel” published on the official website of the announcement of the new release “Let speak” with images of Andrey Malakhov and Dmitry Borisov. In the announcement of the program was to ask the question: “Who will replace Andrei Malakhov in the program “Let them talk”?”.

As reported by RBC, August 11 at the Studio on ulitsa Lizy chaykinoy took another edition of the program with the participation of Borisov.

Information about the departure of Malakhov “the First channel” appeared on July 31. RBC sources close to the broadcaster, reported that he made this decision because of a conflict with a new producer transfer. Russian service Bi-bi-si said that the new program producer Natalia Nikonova planned to be a talk show more political topics. The journalists ‘ questions later she has told that is on vacation and “already decided”. What kind of decision in question, the journalist said.