Six Tyumentsev got in a fight over earrings in the “McDonald’s”

In the fast food restaurant “McDonald’s” in Tyumen fight visitors. About this “Interfax” reported in regional Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The incident occurred on Saturday, August 12. “In the course of the conflict, which escalated into a fight, one of the visitors sprayed a gas canister, presumably, it was pepper gas,” — noted in management.

In fact the incident initiated an administrative case on the beatings.

Two visitors “McDonald’s” has addressed to the ophthalmologist with chemical burns of the eye. They are under outpatient observation, noted in the regional Department of health.

All, according to the newspaper “”, in the brawl injured six people, including children. According to preliminary data, the reason for the quarrel was the earring in the ear of one of the visitors. When he entered the restaurant, a group of drunken men began to insult and push him.

In October 2016 in the centre of Moscow, near the restaurant “Crumb-potato” in the course of the fight is unknown wounded enemy with a knife. In the brawl involved several people, between which the conflict occurred on domestic violence. The victim was hospitalized.