Over unpaid Indian hospital oxygen killed 60 children

At least 60 children have died in a hospital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh located in the North of the country. Most of them newborns and patients with encephalitis who were in intensive care. About it reports BBC News.

It is noted that the children died within five days in the hospital a Woman Raghav Das in the district of Gorakhpur. For non-payment of bills in the apparatus of artificial ventilation of the lungs did not supply oxygen, which was necessary to maintain life support.

In the hospital I started to panic, the relatives of the patients helped the health workers to manually maintain artificial respiration. But to save them failed.

The state government admitted that interrupted the flow of oxygen into ventilators, however, refused to admit that that’s what led to the mass death of children.

According to the representative of the municipality of Anil Kumar, a vendor really have problems with payment. However, he noted that the death was “natural causes”, as many young patients were in serious condition.

The Minister of health of the state of Siddhartha Nath Singh also denies that the mass death of children may be associated with lack of oxygen. He added that over the past three years in the hospital die every day from 19 to 22 patients.

According to BBC News, many called the event a massacre. The opposition has accused the party of Prime Minister Narendra modi “Bharatiya Janata”, which is in power in Uttar Pradesh. Representatives of the state declared the beginning of investigation. In the apparatus modi on Twitter said, that the Prime Minister is monitoring the situation.

Uttar Pradesh is one of the poorest States of India. Every year from diseases there are hundreds of children die.