Novosibirsk Stalinists demanded to demolish the monument to Nicholas II


RIA Novosti

In Novosibirsk, a group of activists advocating for the installation in the city of a monument to Joseph Stalin, appealed to the Prosecutor with the requirement to demolish the monument to Emperor Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexei. About it reports “Interfax” on Friday, August 11.

It is noted that the same treatment they sent to the mayor Anatoly Elbow and the Governor of the region Vladimir Gorodetsky.

According to activists, the monument was installed illegally. In particular, they note that the plot on which the monument belongs to the Novosibirsk region, and not the ROC, as previously reported.

“Monument to Nicholas II is installed without going through the statutory approval procedures. So the monument to be demolished as illegally established structure. The installation of the monument to Nicholas II to bypass the legal procedures creates legal precedent that gives us the full right to do the same — to establish a monument to Stalin without the consent of the authorities in the centre of the city”, — stated in the message.

On 1 August, a man attempted an axe to break the same monument to Nicholas II. He was stopped by private security. It is noted that the man managed to damage the head sculpture of crown Prince Alexei. It was a criminal case of vandalism.

The monument to the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and Tsesarevich Alexei was opened on 16 July in Novosibirsk at the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky.