In China condemned SUPERVOLCANO Butcher-human rights activist

In China condemned SUPERVOLCANO Butcher-human rights activist

A Chinese court has sentenced the activist, human rights activist, nicknamed Supervillany Butcher. About it reports Reuters.

44-year-old From Gan has gained popularity in the Chinese segment of the Internet due to its imposing appearance and rough humor. He was famous because of the street performances and harsh criticism of Chinese officials who were accused of abuse of power. From Gania was accused of disturbing public order and undermining the state system.

WuGan accused of being an “enemy of the people” for protesting against possible miscarriages of justice.Faces trial/conviction likely on Mon

— CHRD人权捍卫者 (@CHRDnet) 11 Aug 2017
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The meeting was held behind closed doors, as during the hearings raised the issues of state secret. The verdict will be announced later. The activist has said that he considers the charges of attempting to overthrow the government of the Communist party of China a great honor for themselves, and that “a guilty verdict dictatorial regime is the shining Golden prize, which is awarded to soldiers fighting for freedom and democracy”.