“Channel” called the release date of “Let them talk” with new host

“Channel” called the release date of “Let them talk” with new host

Representatives “the First channel” declared that the name of the new presenter of the program “Let them talk” will be announced on Monday, August 14. It will be announced in the evening edition of the transfer, to be received by RBC press service of the channel.

“Who will lead “Let them talk” in the new season? Andrey Malakhov or??? About it talked non-stop the past two weeks, pushing the most incredible version of”, — stated in the message of representatives “the First channel”. This question, according to them, resolved on August 14. “Today you will see with your own eyes — at 19:50 Moscow time in the program “Let speak” the intrigue will be revealed,” — said in a press release.

Earlier, on 13 August, “the First channel” has released on its website the announcement of a new edition of the program “Let them talk”. In the short video had photos of Andrey Malakhov and presenter of “Time” Dmitry Borisov. “Who will replace Andrei Malakhov in the program “Let them talk”?” — was stated in the announcement of the program.