Zakharova said about the probability of war between the US and North Korea

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said of the high risk of military conflict between the United States and the DPRK. She reported about it in interview to the program “Sunday evening” on TV channel “Russia 1”, reports TASS.

“How close situation? Yes, she came very close to the potential power of conflict,” she said.

Earlier, on 13 August, the US President Donald trump said that Washington, along with diplomatic and economic measures ready to use force to eliminate the nuclear threat from North Korea. August 11 trump warned the DPRK from striking at the American military base on GUAM, or any other military aggression.

About ready to hit a U.S. air force base on the island of GUAM in the Pacific ocean, the DPRK announced on 8 August. In addition, Pyongyang has threatened to go on “physical actions” in response to the tightening of sanctions by the UN security Council.

The UN security Council on 5 August adopted a resolution toughening sanctions against Pyongyang. North Korea is prohibited to export coal, iron, lead, and seafood.