Zakharov commented on the rumors about the possible closure of the Russian Consulate in USA

Maria Zakharova

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that closing in the United States one of the Russian consulates no reason. She stated this on air of the program “Sunday evening” on TV channel “Russia 1”, reports TASS.

“Now if you will tell what for many years was broken parity and now is the time to raze it to stop the hostile actions of the Russian Federation — it’s a total bluff, it is designed for those who do not know the essence of the issue,” she said.

The diplomat explained that after the collapse of the Soviet Union’s Consulate General, which provided parity between Russia and the United States, remained on the territory of Ukraine. “Moscow offered Washington to open on the territory of the Russian Federation the additional fourth Consulate to maintain this parity. Washington has not seen fit to do it,” she added.

“All questions to them. Therefore, speculation on this theme also will not work”, — said Zakharov.

August 11, the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing diplomatic sources, said the response to Moscow’s actions, demanded to reduce the staff of the American diplomatic missions in Russia, may be the closure of one of the four Russian consulates in the United States. At the moment, the US in Russia — three of the Consulate General.

The representative of the national security Council at the White house, told TASS that the U.S. government was still studying the answer choices. Washington promised to give him until 1 September.