Turkey may be closed to Russians

The return of Turkish tomatoes to the Russian market has for Ankara is not economic, and symbolic value, so the “tomato war” can lead to the next closure of Turkey for the Russians. This “Cheers.ru” said the head of the Center for the study of modern Near East Gumer Isaev.

According to him, tomatoes “were in a sense a factor of pressure on the eve of Russian-Turkish talks”.

Executive Director of the Center for political research Vyacheslav Danilov called the aggravation of relations between the two countries “artillery preparation before the negotiations.” “We are talking about normal for the inhabitants of the Eastern Mediterranean practice to turn the negotiations into a farce,” said he.

According to Danilov, Russia may again close the Turkey, “if our citizens will start to throw rotten tomatoes”. A member of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Vasily Vlasov confirmed that “Turkey can at least now safely closed for tourists, no disaster will happen”, as in “Russia has a lot of good places where to relax, and cheaper.”

According to the Vice-President of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Yuri Barzykin, to close in Turkey “should only be a very good reason,” as from international destinations are now 30 percent of all bookings goes to Turkey.

In January 2016 for Turkey downed su-24, Russia imposed restrictions on imports of certain Turkish products. The ban covers about 60 per cent in imported Russian food, including cucumbers and tomatoes. When the conflict was resolved, the Russian market has returned all the Turkish products besides tomatoes. Ankara-Russia banned the import of products with zero tariffs, including grain.