Tramp suspected key Advisor in the circulation of sensitive data

Stephen Bannon

The US President Donald trump said to his closest staff members that he suspects adviser on strategic issues Stephen Bannon in the organization leaks information about the work of the White house. Writes about this edition of Axios with reference to bliznik to the head of state sources.

According to the information portal, we are talking about a “leak” of compromising the national security adviser Herbert McMaster. In addition, the President allegedly unhappy with Bannon cooperation with the journalist of Bloomberg Businessweek, Josh green

The sides Axios clarified that the occupant of the White house tired of the constant “self-promotion” Bannon, one of the indirect evidence of dissatisfaction was the lack of EA in the Golf club trump in new Jersey, where the President met with his team this week.

‘bannon in response to the request, declined to comment.

‘bannon — former owner of the far-right publication Breitbart. A graduate of Harvard University, Bannon has worked at Goldman Sachs and then started shooting documentaries. In his films argues that the modern Judeo-Christian civilization is under attack: her attack “rogue capitalism” of China and Russia, “predatory libertarian capitalism” and “radical Islamic fascism.”

April 5, Stephen Bannon was fired from the national security Council. he was also criticized by Republicans and by Democrats. They were unhappy that a political appointee is engaged in work intended for career professionals. The administration of the trump initially defended’bannon, citing his service in the U.S. Navy, however, decided to give up.