The Russian Embassy in the United States has warned Russians against traveling to Charlottesville, VA

The Russian Embassy in the U.S. issued a recommendation for compatriots, according to which the Russians requested to refrain from traveling to the city of Charlottesville (Virginia). The Embassy placed a warning in your account in Facebook.

“In connection with declared by the authorities of the regime of emergency in Charlottesville, Virginia, we recommend Russian citizens to refrain from trips to this city before full normalization of the situation and the lifting of state of emergency,” — said the Embassy..

In Charlottesville August 12, had to undergo the action of right-wing, but a few hours before the neo-Nazis held a spontaneous torchlight procession. They require local authorities to refuse the demolition of the monument to General Robert Edward Lee (party civil war between the North and the South of the USA) who fought for the Confederacy.

After that, the city erupted in riots, which injured 15 people. Later on the March against the far-right rally car at high speed drove into a crowd, killing one person, another 19 were injured. The police treated the incident as murder.

Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe announced the state of emergency. The city Council gave the police chief the right to declare a curfew, he has not yet used it.