The Pope warned the faithful against resorting to fortune-tellers

Pope Francis warned the faithful from turning to the horoscopes and fortune-tellers. On Sunday, August 13, the newspaper reports Catholic News Agency.

“When people to have more confidence, I turn to horoscopes and fortune tellers, they begin to go down,” said the Pontiff in his homily in St. Peter’s square at the Vatican. He also urged his congregation “to renounce the temptation to sit in the charming, but unreliable boat ideologies, fashions and slogans.” The Pope reminded that “faith in God does not save us from the storms of life and is not a withdrawal from life’s problems”.

In the Christian faith, including Catholicism, astrology, and all forms of divination and fortune telling are condemned and rejected.

According to the survey conducted by VTSIOM on October 22-23 2016, more than a quarter of Russians (27 percent) believe that personally encountered manifestations of witchcraft. The magic believe 36 percent of respondents. According to the survey 2015, more than half of the population believe that there are people who can predict the future.