Scientists: success in Life depends on genes

Scientists: success in Life depends on genes

Social-economic well-being, according to the research of experts from the Medical schools of Duke University, is partially dependent on the presence in humans of certain genes.

As shown by the research conducted by the team of Professor Daniel Belsky 918 among residents of the new Zealand city of Dunedin, success in life depends on genes.

DNA is not destiny, but something about our character and achievements it still says.Daniel Belgiproles

Carriers of certain gene variants, or alleles, in the childhood have evolved faster than their peers, and in adolescence had a higher purpose. Later, as an adult, they received better education, more prestigious jobs, earning more, tied contacts with more successful partners were easier to lift, better adapt to the society more competently to dispose of money and accumulating more assets.

“All this suggests that our future is predetermined by the genes. But we also know that human development depends on a complex interaction between genes and environment. We shape nature and nurture. We are only beginning to understand how this duet plays,” says Belsky.

In his opinion, is that science cannot assess the potential for genetic tests, and even if such an analysis were possible, to carry it shouldn’t have. In the course of work does not always tests to identify alleles, corellia with success in education, pointed out held in a person’s life, reports the Harvard Business Review.