Scientists have found in Antarctica 91 new volcano

Scientists have found in Antarctica 91 new volcano

If they are, is unclear, but researchers believe that volcanic activity affects global warming and the melting of glaciers covering them.


Moscow. August 13. INTERFAX.RU — New studies of the West Antarctic rift (West Antarctic Rift) has identified 91 new volcano hidden under the ice, reports Sky News. Their height ranges from 100 to 3850 meters, the thickness of the overlying ice in some places is more than 4 km.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh conducted a study with radar from the air and from the ground, the received data is compared with the available images from space. Previously it was known that in the region there are 47 sub-ice volcanoes.

Geologists explain that the system resembles the East African volcanic massif, which was previously considered the largest concentration of volcanoes in the world.

It is unclear whether the discovered active volcanoes, but past studies indicate that periods of warming in the region is possible volcanic activity. Possible eruption probably will not melt the entire thickness of ice covering volcanoes, but it can be enough to radically change the whole of Antarctica.

Considering the global warming and the gradual melting of ice in Antarctica, scientists say, it can be assumed that with decreasing thickness of ice above the volcanoes, they can become more active.