Italian have used weights in a supermarket for weighing hashish

An Italian court arrested 23-year-old resident of the city of Ostia, after he came to the supermarket with a 100-gram bar of hashish. About this newspaper la Repubblica.

The Carrefour store employees called the police after seeing how the young man did not hesitate, in the produce section got the drug and started to weigh. After the detention he said that pot was dug up in the Park, and as he was not at home weights, he came up with the idea to use public.

The guards said that this bar would be enough for 600 doses, the approximate cost of the seized drugs is around one thousand Euro.

March 13 in the Leningrad region, customs officials and police seized more than 266 kilograms of hashish from a truck that arrived from the territory of Estonia. The operation was of the nature of the “controlled delivery”: the truck was deliberately omitted on the territory of Russia through customs in Ivangorod, and then proceeded to the construction site near the village of Siversky of Leningrad oblast. At the time of the overload of drugs on a car investigators, who controlled the movement of the truck from the border, detained participants of criminal group.