In the sunken submarine, the Danish inventor did not find the body of missing journalist

Peter Madsen

The body of 30-year-old Swedish journalist Kim wall was not found in the sunken submarine Danish inventor Peter Madsen. On Sunday, August 13, said the Copenhagen police, the Associated Press reports.

On Saturday, the submarine “Nautilus” was raised from the bottom and towed to port for investigation.

Law enforcement officers will continue to look for wall in the waters of the Harbor of the Danish capital, in the area where Madsen, in his words, landed on the shore of the journalist.

The inventor is now under arrest, he was charged with manslaughter (despite the fact that the body was not found).

It is known that on Thursday night a woman climbed aboard the Nautilus in the Danish capital. When she didn’t come home that day, her concerned boyfriend contacted authorities. Then began the search for the submarine. The submarine was found on Friday from the sunken city of køge. And 46-year-old Madsen was saved. According to him, the night he had technical difficulties that could not be fully addressed, and in the morning, the submarine sank due to a failure in the system of immersion and emersion.

Man guilty in the murder of the journalist does not recognize. He claims that dropped the woman in Copenhagen, three hours after the start of the walk to the sub. How, in turn, indicates the Danish police, there are indications that the inventor is specifically flooded camera.

“Nautilus” is a 17-metre submarine, one of three built by Madsen. The submarine, whose weight is 40 tons, can be up to eight people. Create a submarine that can dive to a hundred-meter depth, cost about 200 thousand dollars.

Madsen is co — founder of the nonprofit organization Copenhagen Suborbitals, which is developing and launching space rockets made by Amateurs.