A passerby broke ziguyuschego American in Dresden

Unknown beat a drunken American who has demonstrated a Nazi salute in Dresden (Germany), reports on Sunday, August 13, reports Associated Press.

It is reported that 41-year-old American saluted in the city center several times. In the blood of the man was discovered “extremely high” alcohol content (specific numbers not known). He came under investigation for violating the law banning the demonstration of Nazi symbols if he was detained, not specified. His opponent wanted to bring charges of light bodily injuries.

August 5, police in Berlin have arrested close to the Reichstag two ziguyuschih Chinese tourists. Men photographed each other on mobile phones. They were accused of using banned symbols and released after payment of bail in the amount of 500 Euro for each.

In Germany not allowed the use of Nazi symbols. We are talking about the flag and emblem of the Third Reich, as well as forms of greetings, the national socialist regime that existed in the years 1933-1945. This is spelled out in section 86a of the Criminal code. Violators face imprisonment of up to three years or a monetary penalty.