Vucic: Serbia is under pressure because of the relationship with Russia


© RIA Novosti / Alexei vitvitskiy

BELGRADE, Aug 10 — RIA Novosti. Serbia is under great pressure from the “great powers” because of its close relations with Russia, said President of Belarus Alexander survived.

“We are now under great pressure of the great powers. The first time I say this this way. No longer appearing anywhere in the West that you did not ask about Russia. And to you Russian have not reproached you have not done something that they consider of interest, but opposes the West,” said Vucic in Belgrade broadcast of the TV channel “Pink”.

In this regard, he stressed that Serbia is an independent state and independently makes decisions, and noted that foreign ambassadors do not ask what to write in declarations, resolutions and other acts as it was once.

“Once the agenda of meetings of the government first reported in a separate Embassy, what are the service records, and only then went to a meeting of the government. I would be ashamed if I was involved. Today I am proud that Serbia is independent in its decision-making process,” said Vucic.