Udaltsov refused to change their political views

Sergey Wgallowrealname: Udaltsov proposed to nominate a single presidential candidate from the left forces

The coordinator “the Left front” Sergey Udaltsov has informed that during the time in prison changed his political views and remains a “tough critic” of the current government. This statement by the opposition leader made at a press conference on Thursday, August 10, reports TASS.

“These 4.5 years hasn’t changed my stance, my attitude, and my attitude to the current government,” — said Udaltsov.

In his opinion, in recent years, Russia has an opportunity to transform government. This, in particular, is pushing the international situation. However, Udaltsov believes that technical progress and the substitution is not able to “mobilize in the good sense of our people”.

“And this is possible only if government policy is socially-oriented interests of those who produce, who sell,” he said.

The key task of the opposition Udaltsov sees in implementing “left turn on which there is a request in the world.”

Convicted in the case about mass disorders on Bolotnaya square Udaltsov was released on 8 August. Commenting on the event, Leonid Razvozzhayev is one of the supporters of Udaltsov, expressed the hope that the coordinator “the Left front” “he had more life experience” in the future “will lead an active political activities.”

In July 2014 Mosgorsud recognized Udaltsov and Razvozzhayev guilty of organizing riots at the time agreed with the city authorities of the action “March of millions” which took place on may 6, 2012. The demonstration ended in clashes with police injured dozens of people, hundreds of protesters were detained.

Razvozzhayev was released in April of this year. Another associate of Udaltsov — Konstantin Lebedev, is also accused of organizing mass riots — pleaded guilty and made a deal with the investigation. He was released on PAROLE in may 2014.