The US warned about the danger of games with spinners

The US warned about the danger of games with spinners

MOSCOW, Aug 11 — RIA Novosti. The American Commission on safety of consumer products (CPSC) warns of the dangers of the game with the spinners and the need to take precautions.

One of the dangers CPSC calls that plastic and metal spinners can disintegrate into small pieces. The Commission advises not to give the toy to young children and to follow the older kids so they don’t put spinners in the mouth.

CPSC also warns that battery-operated spinners can catch fire, therefore recommends to use the battery charger supplied with the toy.

In July, the CPS also intends to explore the safety of the spinners. At the same time, the Department has prepared recommendations for parents wishing to protect children when using these devices.

Spinner became popular this summer, a rotating toy. He has a stationary Central part and a few petals. To start the traffic fairly light touch with your fingers. Component weight selected so as to maintain free rotation of the spinner.