The government of Moscow region reported on the pace of construction of new playgrounds

A quarter of the Governor’s program for installing in the municipalities of the Moscow region children’s playgrounds filled with 25 percent. About it reports “Riama” on Thursday, August 10.

“The Governor’s program “Our Moscow” for installation of children’s playgrounds have already taken a serious pace. In the next two weeks we plan to open over 30 such complexes and thereby complete a half of the first phase of the programme,” said Minister of housing and communal services of the region Evgeny hromushin.

According to him, 56 sites are already mounted, 21 objects put into operation.

Playgrounds installed in Shchelkovo district, Ivanteevka Fryazino and. The production of all elements of the sites is located in the suburbs, said hromushin.

July 3 cinevic reported that in the Moscow region 190 will establish children’s playgrounds in the Governor’s programs. It was noted that the government agreed to their place of installation including parents, and all the complexes we will apply shock-absorbing rubberized coating.