The Embassy commented about the arrest in Turkey of a Russian Bakiyev


RIA Novosti

The Russian Embassy in Ankara explains the circumstances of the detention of the Russian Renata Bakiyev, who, according to media reports, Turkish authorities suspect terrorist activities. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

“Today, the Turkish media reported the arrest of a Russian citizen Renata Bakiyev in Turkey on suspicion, as far as can be judged, in terrorist activities. The Russian Embassy is undertaking the necessary work to clarify this information and to clarify the circumstances of the case”, — said press-attaché of the Embassy, Irina Kasimova.

Earlier it was reported that Turkish security services arrested Bakiyev, allegedly planning to shoot down U.S. military aircraft with a drone. It is also suspected of involvement in the group “Islamic state” (a terrorist group banned in Russia).