Residents of GUAM explained the rules of conduct in a nuclear attack

Residents of GUAM explained the rules of conduct in a nuclear attack

Moscow. August 11. INTERFAX.RU — the Administration of the island of GUAM published a guide to action in the event of a potential nuclear attack by the DPRK, reported Wednesday the American media.

This week the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea reported that the experts of strategic command of the armed forces of the DPRK is currently seriously considering an operational plan to strike at US military bases on the island of GUAM.

The GUAM government published a guide to action despite the fact that the Governor of the island had ignored the warning by the DPRK.

“Don’t look at the flash or ball lightning — they can blind You. Hiding behind anything that can protect,” reads the guide.

“Remove Your clothes, so as not to allow the spread of radioactive substances. The removal of outer clothing will help to get rid of 90% of radioactive materials”, — stated in the published survival tips.

In turn, the Pentagon has prepared a plan that calls for a preemptive strike at the launch sites of missiles on the territory of the DPRK.

Meanwhile, the government of GUAM was assured that the island protected from the North Korean missile threat.

Thus, the adviser of the Governor of GUAM for homeland security George Charfauros said Wednesday that the chances of that are posted on the GUAM THAAD anti-missile systems will not be able to protect the island in case North Korean missile strike, is practically zero.