In Venezuela called “crazy” trump’s words on military intervention

In Venezuela called “crazy” trump’s words on military intervention

MOSCOW, 12 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Minister of defense of Venezuela Vladimir Padrino Lopez called the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump about the possibility of military intervention “reckless act”.

Previously, trump said that Washington is considering all scenarios against Venezuela, including a military operation. While Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon noted that specific guidance on preparing for maneuvers in Venezuela, the us military is not received.

“This is a reckless act, it is the highest manifestation of extremism. In the United States is ruled by an extremist elite,” Lopez said in the TV channel VTV.

This week the United States expanded sanctions against Venezuela include the number of organizations and individuals, including eight officials and Adan Chavez, brother of the late President Hugo Chavez. Previously under us sanctions, the current President Maduro. Before that, the U.S. Treasury contributed to the sanctions list of 13 individuals, including current and former Ministers, chiefs of police of Venezuela and Vice-presidents of the national oil company PDVSA.

Previously in Venezuela held elections for the national constituent Assembly, which is expected to prepare amendments to the Constitution of the country. The convening of this body was announced on the initiative of President Nicolas Maduro. The opposition did not recognize the elections, indicating that the constituent Assembly should be carried out through a referendum. These events spurred even more going on in the country since the beginning of April, mass protests, which has already killed more than 120 people.