In the South of Poland overturned a passenger bus

In the South of Poland overturned a passenger bus

A passenger bus EN route from Warsaw to Rzeszow, flew into a ditch and overturned. The incident resulted in 28 people were injured, according to Polish Radio RFM.

According to the newspaper, a bus flew into a ditch once hooked a roadside lamp. Only the car were 85 people. Currently, the causes of the accident are established, however, as the newspaper notes, it is known that the 58-year-old driver of the car was sober.

One of the witnesses told the radio station that the passengers before the crash heard a “cotton” on the side of the bus, where the driver of the night had replaced the wheel.

On a place of incident arrived 15 ambulances and a rescue helicopter.

Earlier in Turkey in an accident with a passenger bus killed five people. The bus overturned in provinciei Samsun, affected a total of more than 40 people. Upon failure of the Turkish authorities began an investigation.