GUAM residents advised to keep calm in the event of a nuclear attack, the DPRK

The office of National Security of the island of GUAM have issued advice to residents in the event of a nuclear strike by the DPRK. On Friday, August 11, reports the Washington Post.

Recommendations are made in the form of a two-page memo, it States what actions should be taken to residents of GUAM when applying Pyongyang of the attack on the island with ballistic missiles.

In particular, they are encouraged to remain calm and to take care of his family. In addition, the authorities of the island reminded residents that look at the flash or mushroom cloud is impossible, because it can deprive them of vision.

In addition, residents of the island were advised in the event of a nuclear bombing to hide behind the subject or object, which could protect them from radioactive waves, and also to remove his clothes, so as not to give radiation to spread. “Removing his outer clothing will save You from 90 percent of radioactive materials,” specified in the memo.

Also caught in the affected area to residents of GUAM in the event of a nuclear strike ordered to wash hair with shampoo and avoid using conditioner.

9 August it was reported that the North Korean military is ready to launch a missile attack on a U.S. air force base on the island of GUAM located in the Pacific ocean, as soon as the decision to take the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN. It was noted that Pyongyang can strike us bases in GUAM ballistic missile of average range “And 12”, first launched on 14 may.