“Doctors without borders” has suspended its mission to rescue migrants

“Doctors without borders” has suspended its mission to rescue migrants

Activists of the organization “Doctors without borders” suspend its humanitarian operation to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean sea that are transported on ships in Italian ports from Libya because of the actions of the Libyan authorities.

International organization “Doctors without borders”, known by its French acronym MSF, announced the suspension of its humanitarian mission to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean sea from the Libyan coast guard, as well as obstacles that poses to activists, the government of Italy. A statement published on the official website of MSF.

According to reports, the day before, on 11 August, the Libyan authorities announced the creation of a zone of search and rescue, and limited access for humanitarian vessels in international waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of Libya. Immediately after this, the Italian naval coordination and rescue centre has warned of “Doctors without borders” about security risks that are associated with the actions of the coast guard of Libya.

After the introduction of these additional restrictions on independent humanitarian aid and strengthening of the blockade of migrants in Libya MSF has decided to suspend the search and rescue operation for the ship Prudence.”Doctors without borders”

According to operational Manager MSF yard Loop, in the case that these restrictions will be officially confirmed, it will increase the number of deaths of migrants crossing the Mediterranean sea to European countries, will also increase the number of people captured by Libyan militiamen.