WSJ: militants used Ebay for wire transfers in the USA

WSJ: militants used Ebay for wire transfers in the USA

The militants were concluded on the trading web site of a fictitious transaction. According to the publication, these schemas are used not only in USA but also in other countries.

TASS, August 11. The militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in the Russian Federation) entered into fictitious transactions on Internet trading site eBay to Finance their criminal activities in the United States. This was reported on Thursday the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing recently declassified FBI documents.

According to this evidence, the beneficiary of the funds was Elshinawy Mohamed, who was arrested in 2016 in Maryland on suspicion of aiding ISIS. He was put up for eBay listings of printer, and his accomplices acted as “buyers” and transferred the money to the seller via PayPal. According to the FBI, these funds were to be used allegedly for “financing terrorism” or, as he testified Elshinawy, for “operational purposes” groups in the United States.

The newspaper pointed out that similar schemes are used in other countries.

In accordance with recently declassified FBI documents presented in Federal court in Baltimore (Maryland), it is argued that Elshinawy was part of a global terrorist network stretching from the UK to Bangladesh, which used a similar scheme to Finance ISIS and ruled by Siful Sujan, the newspaper notes.

The center of the network were firm in the field of computer technology, which Sujin registered in the UK and which had branches in Bangladesh and Turkey. The majority of network members in the financing of terrorism have been detained or destroyed as a result of coordinated operations of Western intelligence agencies in December 2015. Sugen was liquidated as a result of impact with a drone.