Vancouver — the city where the addicts are allowed to take drugs

Vancouver — the city where the addicts are allowed to take drugs

In Vancouver decided to approach the treatment of drug addiction in the most radical way is to allow the addict to take drugs under the supervision of doctors.

Today the Vancouver East Side — day social benefits, and most of the inhabitants of these places is in a good mood. After receiving the money, people flock to the street market where you can buy anything from pirated DVDs to small Handicrafts.

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The sale, however, is not only in the market. And in any place where the drug trade flourishes, with her thrive and overdose.

“Every day coming to work, I have to hear about another death, says a market management Sarah Blyth. — It’s awful.”

Heroin is a terrible, but an integral and enduring part of life in East side. In the 1990s, the years of needle-sharing among injecting drug users in the city has resulted, according to the specialist AIDS Dr. Thomas Kerr, the most significant outbreak of the HIV epidemic outside Africa.

The epidemic forced the government to open North America’s first paragraph on the controlled drug, called Insite. Now Insite has become a laboratory for experimental testing of new methods of drug treatment.

The epicenter

Insite is located directly opposite the market and since opening in 2003, the clinic has become an integral part of downtown Vancouver.

Here everything is clean, the decor in the modern hospital is the complete opposite of dirty alleys where addicts gather. Only in June 2017 here for doses came more than 10 thousand people. Over 14 years in the Insite or any other controlled item for taking drugs in Vancouver died from an overdose of just one person.

Our center gives an opportunity to feel dignity to his people, for the most part devoid of such relations in everyday life.Chris Burneronfire Insite

Early in his career he was an activist for HIV in Montreal, and Director of Insite was to “drug use was perceived not as a crime or moral collapse, and as a medical and social problem.”

The patients are allowed to use their own drugs under the supervision of a doctor or nurse. Insite helps connect drug users to other social services, such as assistance with housing and treatment of mental illness. Here also provide services for detox, which can help people to permanently do away with drugs.

Numerous articles in specialized journals British Medical Journal and Lancet confirmed the approval of the Insite that such methods contribute to the treatment of the disease, reduce the number of offenses and really help people to get rid of drug addiction.

Because of these research similar items interested and the authorities of other cities in North America. To date health Canada has licensed 16 clinics for controlled drug use throughout the country. In nearby Seattle also hope to open a similar item.

Insite blame the fact that the clinic refuses to struggle with addiction, trying to cure drug addicts.

The current Director of the center mark Lysyshyn convinced of the opposite.

“We help those who needs help, help them to survive and go to treatment or detox,” he says.

“Area 62”

The spread of the deadly opioid fentanyl, 50-100 times superior in strength to heroin, turned the use of controlled medical experiment in need.

Blyth recalls how things began to change by early 2016. Although overdose in these places has always been a problem, at some point, according to her, more bodies were found almost every morning.