The second half of the first. Wives of world leaders: who are they and how do they live?

The second half of the first. Wives of world leaders: who are they and how do they live?

Queen — the journalist, the star of the series, the teacher in high school and even a wife in a rank the General-latitante. Aifi — about the occupations of “first lady” in different countries.

Bridget Makron, the wife of the President of France Emmanuel Makron will not receive a salary as first lady. About it the representative of the Elysee Palace announced after a wave of protests against the intention of the new head of state to legislate the status of their mate. By tradition, the wife of the leader of France will accompany the President at official events and does charity work on a voluntary basis. The state pays her assistants and guards. Aify find out how they live and what do the wives of other world leaders.

The first lady of the United States. The Melanya or Ivanka?

Institute “First lady” appeared in the USA, to the dearest half of the President of this country always the centre of attention. The salary she gets, but she runs a staff of assistants, funded from the budget.

Traditionally, the first lady of the United States during the presidency of her husband promotes some particular national project.

Michelle Obama, for example, initiated a program to combat obesity in children. While at leisure, she is known, grew vegetables on a small vegetable garden at the White House.

The new first lady of the United States — Melania trump. Former model has quickly become a style icon amongst women world leaders.

But with the socio-political activities of Melanie complicated: not compete with the President’s daughter Ivanka trump.

Not casually in the beginning, it appeared that trump intends to reform the institution of “first lady” to Institute “the first family”.

The wife of the Vice President. Mehriban Aliyeva, Azerbaijan

Husband is President, his wife Vice — President. The ideal scenario from the popular American TV series “house of cards” came to life in Azerbaijan.

Mehriban Aliyeva, wife of President Ilham Aliyev in February this year became the first Vice-President.

However, before this career of Mrs. Aliyeva has developed quite successfully. As a child she starred in the movie, in his youth, graduated with honors from medical school. Head of the gymnastics Federation of Azerbaijan, was goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO, to the appointment of the first Vice-President, was Deputy of the Azerbaijani Parliament.

Television star. Angelica Rivera, Mexico