The politician from Germany spoke about the love of German nudists

German leftist politician Gregor Gysi said that it was time to revive the culture of nudism in Germany. About this newspaper The Telegraph.

“In the East people used to nudism. There’s nothing like that. More unusual if you never before did not see and then begin to stare,” — said the politician during the election activities at the popular nudist beach in Berlin. He Gysi was fully dressed.

According to him, the last time he stopped walking around naked people. “I am now 69 years old. Everything has its limits. Now if I’m somewhere and get naked, only at home,” he said.

The German nudist movement “Culture of free body” appeared in the early nineteenth century. During Nazi Germany it was forbidden. The revival of nudism began in the 1950s, the GDR, this movement has always been associated with freedom and enjoyment of nature. However, in Germany it is not popular.

Currently in Germany, many clubs and beaches where people can walk around naked, but there are every year becoming less.