The Ministry of economic development proposed to remove the inspection on video

The Ministry of economic development developing amendments to the law on inspection, providing for the compulsory photo and video recording the procedure. According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, the document develops a specially created working group, which includes representatives of the Ministry, traffic police, Rostransnadzor, Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), Bank of Russia and the RSA.

The need for changes in the Ministry attributed to the fact that the country has spread the practice of buying cards without a diagnostic inspection of the car. Currently, for registration of the insurance policy must provide the results of the inspection, however some insurance agents and brokers offer to buy their “package”.

To prevent such practices, it is intended to establish requirements for vehicle operators inspection, “including requirements for photo – and video-registration procedures for the technical inspection of the vehicle”. The publication explains that the picture should be visible with the car number and the time and place of diagnosis, and videography needs to ensure that the machine has passed the test according to the rules.

Currently, the inspection carried out by organizations accredited by the Russian Union of insurers, he monitors their activities and checks for compliance with the requirements of accreditation. The activities of RAMI and, in turn, overseen by the Bank of Russia.

3 June 2016, the Ministry of internal Affairs has proposed to significantly strengthen the monitoring procedure of technical inspection of vehicles, justifying the initiative to the fact that there is a significant increase in the number of road accident with participation of technically faulty vehicles, as well as the number of deaths and injuries in accidents. Mainly relate to faulty braking system, external lights, steering, suspension and tires.