The jihadists decided to Finance the attacks in the US via Ebay and PayPal

The militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) used the Internet auction site Ebay and PayPal to send money to accomplices in the United States for the terrorist attacks. This is according to Fox News, citing documents released by the FBI.

Agency staff found that the money supposedly received by Muhammad Elshinawy, American citizen 30 years. He was arrested a year ago in Maryland after a lengthy investigation.

It is noted that the suspect was associated with the militants and received money from terrorists through PayPal for allegedly selling the printers on Ebay. Just Elshinawy received from the militants of the amount of 8.7 million dollars. However, he said that he was not going to spend the money for the attacks.

The FBI noted that Elshinawy is one of many supporters who live outside of Syria and Iraq, which transfer the money via this scheme. Participants in such chains was arrested in Bangladesh and the UK, the newspaper notes.