The Frenchman got six months in jail for beating his dog

The Frenchman got six months in jail for beating his dog

PARIS, Aug 11 — RIA Novosti, Victoria Ivanova. A resident of the French Department of Val-de-Marne sentenced to six months in real prison for beating his dog, according to a Friday newspaper Parisien.

Earlier in 2013, a man named josé R. (José R.) have already been prosecuted for cruelty to animals, but then punishment followed.

Once again the man fell when he slashed his dog — two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named Joker, keeping it in the air by the hind legs, and then threw the pet on the floor and kicked.

“I beat him easily and without malice. I love my dog, otherwise I would not have got… I don’t do this regularly, I don’t hit him if he does not nonsense,” said the man in the penal court.

However, he retorted the judge, asking the question, how the defendant sees their behavior, “with anger”.

“And when you get angry, you that dog going to do? Or until there’s no blood, it without anger, right?”, — said the judge.

In addition to jail, he not the first man also received a ban on keeping Pets for five years. The Prosecutor demanded for it lifelong ban on keeping Pets and a year in prison.

The dog submitted to the organization for animal protection — association Stéphane Lamart.