Rusfond will direct chargeable relatives Friske donations for children with cancer

Olga Kopylova

The donations that the parents of Jeanne Friske will return to Moscow city court ruling, Rusfond will be directed to the treatment of children with cancer. The President of the organization, Leo Ambinder told the RIA Novosti news Agency.

He noted that donors who oppose this decision, will be able to get them back. “According to the rules of Respond we will tell you on the official website of each child receiving assistance from these funds,” he said.

The Moscow city court on Thursday upheld the decision on collecting from the parents of Jeanne Friske of funds previously allocated by Rusfond for treatment of the singer. Thus, he rejected their appeal. The original claim of a charitable organization was satisfied on may 19. According to the court, the defendants Olga and Vladimir Friske (parents of the singer) and the representative of her son Platon in the face of Dmitry Shepelev (civil husband of the artist) is required to pay 21 million 633 thousand roubles to Respond, as well as legal costs in the amount of 60 thousand rubles.

According to representatives of the Russian aid Fund, of 25 million rubles, collected in a charity marathon, for the treatment of the singer had spent only a small part.

Zhanna Friske died 15 June 2015. It was reported that she had glioblastoma — the most aggressive and the most common of malignant brain tumors.