Putin had dinner in Sochi with the family from Izhevsk


RIA Novosti

Recall that in June, during a trip to the region the head of state looked in Izhevsk barracks and talked with Anastasia Votintseva, who complained their homes — if it is, of course, can call on Direct line. That summer day a woman had a birthday and the President invited her family to Sochi, to relax. And, of course, instructed the regional authorities to allocate apartments.

And today Anastasia with son and sister with two kids — a guest of the President. “Hot, of course, but air conditioning will save. After our tough climate, but gorgeous all”, — it shared impressions. In Sochi, as in the neighboring Abkhazia, came from the head of state, were over thirty.

However, the hotel guests were very pleased and thanked everyone who helped them settle. “We don’t know what words to describe how happy we are. We just got to Paradise” — almost cried from happiness Votintseva.

“It is good”, — the President agreed and said that in the sanatorium where he stayed Anastasia family, you can take courses of treatments. Here women again crumbled in the Acknowledgments: because of the hard life in the old barracks children often get sick.

Asked if Putin already have children, whether they like Sochi. Response held the most daring and the youngest — Cyril — was a thumbs-up and smiled.

“As you have solved the case of the apartment?” — asked the head of state. Recall again the whole story: the local authorities wanted to settle the barracks only in 2029. And during a trip to the region, the President instructed the acting head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov to solve the issue till the end of the year to find housing for 11 families. Funds from the Reserve Fund promised to help. And yet, Putin assured that Anastasia and her sister get an apartment in a new building nearby.

“Still all stands, nothing concrete yet,” sighed Votintseva. The President was surprised: after all, the house opposite was clearly ready to move in. “When I went for tickets to the administration just asked me a question, as the neighbors prepare for winter, the wood is harvested? But we were told that “live how you live, not in a hurry, maybe the winter will come in October, and we’ll move you maybe 30 of December”, — said the woman.

And my sister Anastasia added that is seen is not yet ready Playground, the state Commission will not be able to take the building. According to her, the house in question, is scheduled to be commissioned before the end of the year. “Everything will be fine, as long as they correctly did everything on time,” — said Putin.