Never flew on a plane she became a pilot

Never flew on a plane she became a pilot

Indian Annie Divya (Divya Anny) was the pilot of Air India, even though she had never flown on ships as a passenger.

The life story of 30-year-old woman drew the attention of the Daily Mail newspaper.

Divya explained that her family was too poor, so they could not afford to travel in airplanes. Now she was the youngest female commander of the Boeing 777, one of the largest passenger liners in the world.

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According to Divi, she’s a childhood dream to fly. To be her wish helped parents. In 17 years, the Indian began to attend flight school and learn English.

She managed to get a scholarship and complete the training in two years. At age 19 she took a job in Air India. Then Indian for the first time came to Board the plane.

To date, Divya has about 11 years working as a pilot for Indian airlines. In July it became known that she became the commander of the Boeing 777. Currently, Divya is flying 70 to 80 hours per month.