Medvedev urged to proceed immediately to the purification of the Volga river from sewage


RIA Novosti

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged to proceed immediately to the execution of the cleansing program of the Volga, because in her pool has developed the most intense in Russia, the environmental situation — in this river accounts for about one third of dirty sewage in the country.

Medvedev on Tuesday conducted a meeting on conservation, pollution prevention and rational use of the river Volga in the framework of the project “Improvement of the Volga” in Volgograd.

“It is in the Volga basin has developed the most serious ecological situation, which in many respects is significantly worse than the General situation in the country. In the Volga water gets more than a third, 38% to be exact, all Russian polluted runoff,” said Medvedev at the meeting.

According to him, the reason is known — “this is the physical wear and technological backwardness of sewage treatment plants industrial and municipal enterprises, low efficiency”.

“No less harm cause of the frequent agricultural waste. In addition, the river is littered with sunken vessels,” he added.