McFaul was sharply criticized trump for praise Putin

McFaul was sharply criticized trump for praise Putin

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia (2011-2014) Michael McFaul has sharply criticized US President Donald trump, congratulating on the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin for a reduction in Russia 755 diplomatic personnel and personnel of diplomatic missions of the United States.

About it the diplomat wrote in his Twitter.

According to the diplomat, trump’s statement shows that the US President is not versed in diplomatic work. “Our diplomatic personnel, attachés and military personnel give Washington valuable information about Russia. Does the United States want less to know about the military modernization of Russia? And that is what today was made by trump. About Russia’s intentions in foreign policy? Namely, this will result in reduction. Do we not want to know about a dangerous cross-border contagion emanating from Russia? It seems, does not want trump. Can you imagine the blasphemy against American diplomats — patriots who serve their country in difficult conditions of Russia and praise Putin? But that’s what today was made by the President”, — quoted McFaul resource Rawstory.

Donald trump, correspondence referring to President Putin, told reporters: “I Want to thank him because we wanted to cut costs on wages. Personally, I am grateful that he sent a large number of staff. We will be able to save a lot of money.” Many media write that it is unclear whether this statement is a joke.