Malaysian accused of 626 rape own daughter

Malaysian citizen accused of multiple sex crimes against his daughter. About it reports Reuters.

The investigation, 36-year-old man divorced his wife two years ago. The eldest daughter, which at that time was 13 years old, stayed with him, the two younger took the mother. Since then, the man almost daily abusing the girl, including in a perverted form (just installed 626 cases). He was charged with sodomy, rape and incest.

Girl all these years not reported mothers about what is happening. She opened her the truth only after he learned that his father plans to sue the former wife of the remaining children.

The problem of sexual abuse in Malaysia — one of the most acute. Every day the country has recorded an average of 10 rapes, and half of the cases the victims are children under the age of 16. In total between 2005 and 2014 was recorded 28.7 thousands of cases and only in three percent, the court issued a guilty verdict.