Kiev protested Russia due to limitations in the Kerch Strait

Kiev protested Russia due to limitations in the Kerch Strait

Construction of Crimean bridge is illegal, said the foreign Ministry of Ukraine. Kiev protested due to the restrictions of shipping through the Strait of Kerch in the course of construction.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine has expressed protest to Russia because of the “prohibition of navigation through the Kerch Strait during August and September 2017”. This is stated in the message Agency, published on its website.

“The construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait is illegal under international law,” reads the statement. Kiev is tied to the fact that Ukraine “did not provide consent to such construction”.

The Ukrainian authorities also stressed that the construction of the bridge could adversely affect the ecology of the region. “It causes deep concern at the negative impact that the construction may cause to the environment and navigation through the Strait”, — the message says.

Earlier, on 9 August, the builders of the Crimean bridge restricted navigation in the Kerch Strait and explained that the delivery of the arches of the spans for the future bridge to the fairway. As follows from messages of the information center of the project “Crimean bridge”, submitted to RBC, the corresponding restrictions of vessel traffic through the Strait has been agreed with the Ministry of transport. Transport Department determined “time Windows” for operation with overlapping of the Kerch-yenikalsky channel for up to 72 hours. On the same day in “the Crimean bridge” announced the lifting of restrictions on shipping through the canal.

Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine Georgy Tuka, commenting on the blocking of the Strait, said that in fact, Russia has condemned Ukraine for “a kind of isolation by sea”. He also said that Russia for its actions “violated all international norms”.