Italian fire set a fire down in the woods for the adrenaline rush

Italian fire set a fire down in the woods for the adrenaline rush

Moscow. August 11. INTERFAX.RU Italian carabinieri detained in Lombardy of a volunteer fireman who admitted inciting fires in the forests, reports the newspaper La Republica.

The investigation began when guards noticed that the area near the city of Pavia (region Lombardy) often become suspicious fires to occur.

In the end, the police were caught on camera as 28-year-old man kindles a fire, and then detained the intruder, who turned out to be a firefighter.

On questioning, the man stated that he had kindled a fire, and then visited with colleagues to extinguish it as “like an adrenaline rush”. According to him, one day he watched an American TV series that shows how firefighters in the United States heroically fighting the fire. Meanwhile, in the area in the North of Italy, where he worked his fire team, a fire erupted in the woods is extremely rare. In the end the man decided to commit arson, then to act like the heroes so any of the series.

Earlier in August, it was reported that in Sicily were prosecuted 15 volunteer firefighters, who also themselves have fueled the fire, and then drove his stew. However, unlike colleagues from Lombardy, the Sicilians didn’t do it for thrills, and to earn money: for every emergency call they pay extra 10 euros.