In the Crimea has responded to the call by the Minister not to go to Russia


RIA Novosti

Ukraine should not be anyone to specify where you can ride. So responded the Chairman of the state Council of Crimea Remzi Ilyasov to the statement of the Ukrainian Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan that “there is nothing to go” to Russia.

“Not the time to indicate where to go. The task of the Ukrainian side, if they love their citizens, to organize a normal customs passage. If you’re going to be closed from everything, you become the product, which is interesting. Thank you for advertising, as they say,” Ilyasov said in an interview with RT, noting that Ukraine continues to escalate fear among its citizens.

Omeljan earlier urged Ukrainians to refrain from traveling to Russia because of the Square “must go to Europe.” Also, the Ukrainian Minister explained, who “blame” the fact that Crimea returned to Russia. In his opinion, the reason became pensioners of the Peninsula, which he called “Golota”.