In Antarctica, found a well-preserved 106 year old pie

In Antarctica, found a well-preserved 106 year old pie

Moscow. August 10. INTERFAX.RU new Zealand scientists have discovered well-preserved 106-year-old fruitcake in the Antarctic hut, said on Thursday the heritage Foundation Antarctic New Zealand (Antarctic Heritage Trust).

The researchers found a treat in an abandoned house on Cape Adare, located in the North-East region of Victoria Land in East Antarctica.

Cupcake produced by the British confectionery company Huntley & Palmers was on a shelf in a metal tin box and was wrapped in paper.

According to the head of the research team Lizzie Mick, the cake was “perfect high energy food for Antarctic conditions, and remains a favorite delicacy of modern ice”.

No doubt this will spark debate about who likes fruit cake…@InspireExplore conservators find 106 yr old fruit cake in hut in #antarctica

— Antarctic Heritage (@InspireExplore) 10 Aug 2017
During the download an error has occurred.The tin was in bad condition, but the pie looked and smelled almost edible. To find a pie in such good condition in a handful of rusty cans was quite unexpected.The message of the Foundation of the Antarctic heritage New Zealand

The age-old delicacy, it was decided to leave there, where it was found — on a shelf in the hut.

According to the scientist, found the confection included in the diet of the so-called Northern party of the expedition, “Terra Nova” (1910 — 1913) British polar Explorer Robert Scott. The objectives of the Northern party consisted solely of scientific research, the aim of the South was the conquest of the South pole.

“Terra Nova” was the second Scott expedition to the Antarctic. Be the first to conquer the South pole polar Explorer failed: more than a month ahead of Norwegian polar Explorer Roald Amundsen. Scott and his companions, returning from the South pole, perished from cold and physical exhaustion. The surviving members of the expedition “Terra Nova” reached port in New Zealand in February 1913.