Hackers left without mobile communication seven million inhabitants of Venezuela

Hackers who attacked the state telephone company Movilnet Venezuela, have been left without mobile communication seven million people. This was announced by the Minister of higher education, science and technology, Pbel ROA (Roa Hugbel), TV channel Globovision.

“Last Wednesday without when seven of the 13 million subscribers,” said ROA. He added that authorities have launched an investigation and are looking for the perpetrators of this attack.

The Minister also said that “systematic terrorist attacks” against the telecommunications facilities of the country are “supported by foreign agents, again trying to bring down the system of communication of Venezuela”. He also informed about new cases of deliberate damage to the fiber optic cable in seven States.

In Venezuela from April ongoing political crisis amid the standoff between Maduro and the opposition, which after the election belongs to the majority in Parliament. The cause of the conflict was the deepest economic crisis in the country caused by the fall in world oil prices — the main export product. Around the country, riots break out, victims of clashes have killed more than 100 people.